Christmas Edition Collection



June 24, 2022



☀️Welcome Summer !!! ☀️ Summer has arrived, don’t miss this promotion:


☀️ >> buy 3 “BRONZE” dies and get another one for FREE * with your order. The 3 + 1 is valid from Saturday 25 June to Tuesday 28 June inclusive. ☀️


The promotional code is: WelcomeSummer


Fill the cart with the 4 “bronze” dies chosen and enter the discount code, during the purchase procedure, under “Do you have a discount code?” and the cart total will update automatically!

NB: * the discount is intended for a maximum value of € 28.90 equal to the minimum cost of a “bronze” die. For purchases of dies with a higher amount, you will only pay the price difference. The promo cannot be combined with other offers or promotions in progress; it is not possible to use multiple discount codes and redeem tokens in the same order. The discount applies only to dies. Excluded from the promotion: the dies of the Professional line and all products outside the individual dies: gift vouchers, semolina, savings packs or other.

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We want to celebrate with you every single day that separates us from Christmas with our ADVENT CALENDAR!

There will be many promos and offers but ATTENTION: they will be revealed day by day and will last ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT OF THE SAME DAY!