Promo of the Italian Republic TERMINATA


June 1, 2022


Promo of the Italian Republic TERMINATA

🇮🇹✨Let’s celebrate Italy together .Don’t miss this promotion:🇮🇹✨  

From Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June inclusive,

  >> With all orders of dies, including professional dies, with a minimum amount of 90 € immediately a 10% discount! <<🇮🇹✨

To do this, just enter the code: italia22

This code must be entered during the purchase process in the “Do you have a discount code?” of the cart.

NB: the promo cannot be combined with other offers or promotions and it is not possible to use multiple discount codes in a single order. The discount applies only to dies. All products outside the individual dies are excluded from the promotion: gift vouchers, semolina, flour, flavorings, savings packs or other.

Dear Customers,

we would like to remember you that all the tokens accumulated with the current token collection will therefore be valid UNTIL 31st July 2022 and, if not collected by that date, they will inevitably be reset.

Consult the page of the TOKEN COLLECTION REGULATION for any further information on this matter