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Promo Queen Memories Lines die TERMINATA


September 12, 2022


Promo Queen Memories Lines die TERMINATA


In memory of Queen Queen Elisabeth II, until Sunday 18 September, it will be possible to purchase the special dies of the Queen Memories series 👑: DIE N ° 313 CORONA AND DIE N ° 314 CASTELLO at an advantageous price!
It’s very simple:
👑>> buy, in combination with another “bronze” die of your choice, a Queen Memories lines’s die (313 or 314) for € 28.80 instead of € 33.90 using the code: QMx1
👑>> buy both Queen memories dies (313 and 314) and immediately for you a 15% discount on both dies using the code: QMx2
NB: the promo cannot be combined with other offers or promotions and it is not possible to use multiple discount codes in a single order, use the Tornasconto code or redeem the tokens. The discount applies only to dies. All products outside the promotion are excluded from the promotion: gift vouchers, groats, savings packs, starter kits, rolling pins or other.