Christmas Edition Collection



August 3, 2022



The time has come to take a little summer break! 🍉🏖We promise to come back after the holidays even more energized and ready to offer you lots of new initiatives!

We therefore inform you that the ASSISTANCE and SHIPPING SERVICES WILL BE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED from 5 to 28 August 2022 (inclusive).
All services will resume regularly on 29 August.
Don’t worry, so as not to miss us too much, we will leave you with one


>>> With all orders placed between August 5th and August 31st 2022 inclusive, with a minimum amount of € 50 you will have an IMMEDIATE 10% discount and in addition you will receive a discount voucher equal to 10% of the total amount of your order to be used on your next order from 1st to 30th September 2022! <<

🍉 Enter the promotional code: Agosto22
This code must be entered during the purchase process in the “Do you have a discount code?” of the trolley.

N.B: The promo cannot be combined with other offers or promotions and it is not possible to use multiple discount codes in a single order. The discount applies only to single dies and reduction rings including dies of the professional line.
The Back Discount can be used for a minimum cost of € 50, on single die orders, including the professional line and reduction rings; you can use 1 discount coupon with 1 order. The Return Discount code will be displayed in your reserved area after the conclusion of the order.
All products outside the individual dies and rings are excluded from the promotion: gift vouchers, groats, savings packs or other.

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We want to celebrate with you every single day that separates us from Christmas with our ADVENT CALENDAR!

There will be many promos and offers but ATTENTION: they will be revealed day by day and will last ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT OF THE SAME DAY!