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Waiting Mother’s Day TERMINATA


April 19, 2022


Waiting Mother’s Day TERMINATA

Mother’s Day is approaching and what is the best way to celebrate it if not with a plate of pasta dedicated to her!

Until Wednesday 4 May, it will be possible to purchase the special Mother’s dies: N ° 284 W LA MAMMA, N ° 170 LOVE, N ° 260 MY LOVE, N ° 285 TULIPANO, N ° 213 CUORE DI MAMMA AND N ° 264 ROSA at a advantageous price!

Such as? Simply by purchasing these dies (284, 170, 260, 285, 213 and 264) in combination with at least one other bronze dies and using the appropriate discount codes

  • A special Mamma die (284, 170, 260, 285, 213 and 264) for € 24.90 if purchased in combination with at least one other bronze die using the code: MammaOFF1
  • Choice of two Mamma dies (284, 170, 260,285,213 and 264) for € 22.90 each. if you buy in combination with at least two other dies (one of which in bronze) using the code: MammaOFF2

NB: the promo cannot be combined with other offers or promotions and it is not possible to use multiple discount codes in a single order or redeem the tokens. The discount applies only to dies. All products outside the promotion are excluded from the promotion: gift vouchers, groats, savings packs, starter kits, rolling pins or other.