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CAPO12 Token Collection – valid until 31/08/2021

Buying on our eShop is even more convenient!

In addition to dedicated offers and promotions, from today you can also collect tokens that will allow you to get discounts on your orders!

How does it work?

For every € 10 spent for each pasta die ordered on our eShop you will receive 1 CAPO12 token which is equivalent to € 0.60. You can spend your tokens whenever you want with orders over € 60!

Once you have placed an order, tokens will be credited to your account after the payment of the order has been successfully made.

The balance of your tokens will always be visible within your reserved area on our site.

Only the purchased amount of the dies is counted in the initiative: any shipping costs or other extra amounts outside the cost of the dies are not included in the token collection. It is also possible to redeem the tokens for dies’ purchase only.

It is also not possible to redeem your tokens with orders placed with promotional codes.

The purchase of semolina, flours and flavorings on our site is not included for the token collection (both for the accumulation and for their redeem).

For any doubts or requests, do not hesitate to contact our customer service!

Warning! The validity of the tokens has changed!
Tokens are currently valid UNTIL 31st AUGUST 2021! Tokens accumulated and not redeemed by that date will inevitably be reset to zero.
Starting from 1st SEPTEMBER 2021 a new token campaign with new features will be active!

How to redeem the accumulated tokens?

The customer may decide to redeem the tokens accumulated during the process of finalizing a new order (if it meets the criteria indicated in our regulation).

After completing the cart, you will be redirected to the cashier and them you will see the field “Do you have tokens to use? Redeem them “.

By clicking on this button, a new field will appear “HOW MANY TOKENS DO YOU WANT TO USE” in which you will have to indicate the number of tokens you intend to collect.

Once the number has been entered, click on the APPLY button and, if the request is successful, you will see a green confirmation message. TOKENS REDEEMED SUCCESSFULLY.

Furthermore, you will immediately see the discount applied to the total of your order (you will find a new entry: COUPON -X€).

The customer can only redeem their tokens by following this procedure.

For any doubts about the procedure, do not hesitate to contact our customer service before finalizing the order!