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Product Info

Our dies are directly compatible with Kenwood metal pasta maker attachment, without any adapter.

They can also be compatible with Philips Pasta Maker, Philips Viva Collection and Ariete Pastamatic 1950 edition using a special REDUCTION RING.

Each machine has its own reduction ring for sale on our eShop.

For technical reasons, some shapes of our dies have a higher height so it is not always possible to use the cutter provided with Kenwood Pasta Shaper Attachment.

Don’t despair, the solution is very simple: just use a normal manual cutter!

Reduction rings allow to perfectly adapt our dies to the ring nut of the most common pasta machines on the market.

The models available are:

N°001 – Reduction ring for Philips Viva Collection (all models)

N°003 – Reduction ring for Philips Pasta Maker (all models)

N°005 – Reduction ring for Ariete Pastamatic 1950 Edition (model number 1591)

All of our reduction rings are produced in POM and are supplied with a fixing screw and an Allen key.

The fixing pin is necessary for the correct use of Philips Pasta Maker’s reduction ring N°003.

There isn’t a unique method for cleaning the dies. What we advise is to carry out the cleaning activity immediately after the dies have been used. The best way, for us, is to use an object with a very thin tip to minutely remove any residual dough under running water and then finish with a classic kitchen brush with long and thin bristles. Dry immediately to avoid leaving any stains on the die.

Nothing, the die will always work in the same way and the result will always be the same. Simply, the use of materials such as bronze involves this type of reaction

Our dies are produced in BRASS (commonly called bronze dies) or in POM (polyoxymethylene: plastic suitable for food use).

All the materials we use comply with current regulations and specifically with the M.O.C.A. certification used in the field of materials and objects in contact with food.

There is no absolute answer to this question, it is simply a matter of taste! The bronze drawing produces a more “rough” and homemade pasta. On the other hand, POM dies have a faster cleaning process. The choice is up to you!

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