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Carbonara Day TERMINATA


April 6, 2024


Carbonara Day TERMINATA

Few ingredients, carefully chosen, for an incredibly tasty and very famous dish!
Today, April 6, we celebrate Carbonara Day🍝, the world day dedicated to one of the workhorses of beloved Italian cuisine: carbonara!
🎁😲For today only, by purchasing two “bronze” dies, you will receive a FREE spaghetti die * 🍝 chosen by CAPO12.

An opportunity not to be missed!


NB:* It will not be possible to choose the Spaghetti die. The free die is Kenwood format to be used with special reduction rings. The product is only available while availability lasts, in case of exhaustion a product of similar value will be sent. The promo cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. The free gift is 1 for order.